Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday at the Chapel

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After a fantastic 12 hours night sleep, we went into London today to catch up with friends. I put a general email around telling everyone that we would be at this pub for lunch and whoever could make it - be there!

We were delighted that Richard, Heather and their 2 daughters actually organised the lunch as they were flying out tonight and we had this 12 hour crossover before they head back to Sydney. I worked with Richard at SOCOG. Another SOCOG buddy, Liz and her husband-to-be, Keith also joined us and they live in Kent. Manjit, Myfanwy & Johns neighbour from their last house also joined us as we had met Manjit when she came out to Sydney last year. Plus, one of Pauls friends from Kindergarten (St.Canices), Lisa and her husband, Bob plus their 2 daughters, Amy & Poppy live
in Maidenstone caught up with us too - it was a fantastic lunch and everyone mixed well.

The Chapel Pub

Vicki, Paul & Manjit

Paul, Vicki, Lisa & Bob

Richard & Heather with Vicki and Paul

Then after lunch, Myfanwys brother, our nephew Liam joined us at the Pub where we watched the Grand National.

Paul & Liam

Paul with his first English Big Mac...

On the way to the pub we walked via Trafalgar Square:

Trafalgar Square Website

We walked through Hyde Park to give Eoin a bit of a run before we sat down to dinner at a Curry Place called Bangalore Express in Southbank. The name "Express" was the connotation towards trains which meant we sat in booths reminiscent of train carriages. Of course we insisted on sitting on the upstairs booth that you got up to via a very narrow ladder - lots of fun with a 2 year old!

Liam organised tickets for us to watch the sun go down on the London Eye - spectacular! Watching the city get dark and the lights come on was magical.

London Eye Website

Finally back at Myfanwy & Johns after a big day....eyes already closing...

Big Ben Website

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