Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love in at the Louvre

Louvre Website

Hi there
huge day on Saturday - went to the Louvre in the morning and saw the amazing Mona Lisa.
Also saw some other favs - Delacroix, Rubens etc - so nice to see in person.

Met another buddy I found backpacking back in '93 - Nathalie. She lives in Paris and met us in the nearby park for lunch. We had a Paris speciality - warm sandwich which was like grilled cheese with an extra layer underneath of ham - yummy! Thanks Nathalie for a yummy lunch.

Where we are now does not allow downloading of photos so you will have to wait for those!

Then we caught the bus up to Montmartre and spent the afternoon looking through the cathedral Sacrecour and exploring the markets and back streets of the artistic Montmatre district.

Afterwards, walked up the Eiffel Tower to watch the sun set. Perfect timing but my legs are starting to kick up at how many stairs I have walked up in the last week.

Had Maccas for dinner but that is a story for another day...

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