Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paris here we come...

Caught the Eurostar to Paris today. This is where we are staying for the next few nights.....

London to Paris on the Eurostar

Hotel Madeleine Website

Our room number is 303 which Paul is very excited about because it is the weapon calibre of WWI.

We walked down to the Arc de Triumph and climbed the 300 steps to the top for an awesome view of Paris. You may have to wait for photos while I work out how to transfer from this computer.

We just finished a great dinner complete with red wine recommended by the waiter and ended with creme brulee and profiteroles....

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  1. Yvonne & myself went to the RSL Club on Friday night and voted to keep out the rebels - the good guys won 292 to 191. Yvonne won a meat tray - pokies took all my money. All the RSL Sub-Branch members are looking forward to seeing you lay a wreath on Anzac Day. They will have the ceremony up on the big screen. Just text me with details on the day. Enjoy the rest of your tour (by land) the volcano in Iceland looks awesome with another next to it about to explode. They say there will be no flights from Australia to England and Northern Europe for another week.