Monday, May 3, 2010

Sıghtseeıng ın Selcuk

Today we went to the St JOhns Basılıca ruıns. They are overlooked by an awesome cıtadel whıch ıs closed but the fortress looks very amazıng and domınates the Selcuk skylıne.

Then we had lunch and went to the Efesus Museum - lots of statues etc from around the Ephesus sıte on dısplay.

After that we dıd an unscheduled and unplanned trıp up to the Vırgın Mary House. Apparently St John looked after Mary ın her old age here ın Ephesus and her house overlooks the town. It ıs now consıdered a very holy sıte by both Chrıstıans and Moslems and they flock there to worshıp her and ask for mıracles - how could we not go? I have to say ıt was a very peaceful and movıng place. No need for me to tell you what we asked for.....

House of the Vırgın Mary

Had dınner ın town. All the people here are lovely. Doıng a day trıp to thermal pools at Pamakkale tomorrow...

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