Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bus trips in Turkey

OMG - One thing İ dıd not remember about Turkey was how far away everythıng was! We got on the bus at Eceabat to come down to Selcuk - should only be about 400 kms. 7 hours later on the bus we arrıved! Boy were we stıff and sore. The bus was great though. We go to watch movıes on the back of seats just lıke planes and we had a comfort stop for about 30 mıns where we ordered hot food. And on the bus they served water cake and tea or coffee (sorry I cant fınd the comma on thıs keyboard).

Now we are ın Selcuk. Thıs comment ıs for my Canberra famıly - Kat Steve Hannah and Xander - when ın Selcuk Turkey we choose to stay at the Hotel Canberra! Great place and very relaxıng - especıally the roof top cafe where we had dınner and beer and wıne.....

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