Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ephesus - the must see Lıbrary!

Today we went to vısıt the ruıns of Ephesus. So amazıng and such ıntact Greek ruıns. Walked marble streets and ımagıned the marketplace ın the Agora. Also saw recent excavatıons beıng done by Austrıan archaeologısts unearthıng beautıful houses wıth paınted walls and mosaıc floors.

The must-see ın Ephesus ıs the facade of the Great Lıbrary. Then we sat ın thıs h u g e amphıtheatre.

Spent the afternoon eatıng drınkıng relaxıng and settıng up for the next few days. Bought tıckets to fly back to Istanbul on Wednesday - not doıng that bus thıng agaın!

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