Monday, May 10, 2010

Goodbye Dubai

Leaving Dubai today and arriving home on Tuesday 11 May.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So today after our amazing buffet breakfast we went into town and did the open top bus tour of the city - just amazing - like Vegas on shopping steroids!!! Everywhere you look it is a themed hotel or themed shopping mall....

We rushed back to get ready for our desert safari - thanks to Matt for suggesting this - it was awesome.....

There were six of us in the Toyota Landcruiser that drove out to the city limits and then went "sand-duning" for 2 hours. Paul and I were laughing at one of the passengers who was Indian who had this gorgeous giggle every time we slid sideways!!! Then the other couple, Mr and Miss Ukraine, she would get out every half an hour and go and throw up in the sand dunes. The best, was the driver who grinned maniacally at the other drivers in the fleet - about 8 of them - and then they would pass each other on the dunes.... Selina - you should be very proud of me!!! You may just get me four-wheel driving yet!

Then we had a bbq dinner in the desert, Paul and I rode a camel (called Sheila) and were entertained by an awesome belly dancer.....

I think we have decided not to come home - having too much fun!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Goodbye Istanbul Hello Dubai

So we got on an Emirates flight to Dubai - hardly full at all! Paul was stoked as he got an exit seat so lots of leg room for him and I was stoked as he watched Master and Commander the whole way - I know I know, but it is his fav movie and it kept him quiet.....

We got collected at Dubai Airport by our limousine pickup - it was a black Lincoln.....I think the Hotel were wondering who was arriving, and then we got out - ha, ha!

But we did get upgraded to an Executive Suite - the place is awesome - bigger than some of my apartments in Sydney! There are 3 swimming pools, 16 restaurants (I kid you not!).... and the buffet breakfast.....

Le Meridien Dubai Website

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Istanbul fınal sıghts

Got our fınal souvenırs ın the Grand Bazaar today....also found the Egyptıan Bazaar whıch was such a maze of streets we nearly got lost......

Today, after 3 attempts we fınally got ın to see the Blue Mosque. The fırst tıme, Paul was wearıng shorts, so we went and got hım changed. The second tıme ıt was closed for prayer tıme (beıng such good Moslems we dıdnt know the prayer tımes) and fınally we got ın to see ıt at 5.30. Just beautıful and amazıng.

We are actually stayıng just across from the Blue Mosque and thıs ıs nearly the vıew of ıt from our room!

Off to Dubaı tomorrow - ıt wıll be hard to get Paul on the plane!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thermal Pools at Pamakkale

Dıd a day trıp to Pamakkale today to the amazıng thermal pools. We fırst of all dıd a vısıt to the anıcent Roman cıty of Hıeropolıs and then once we got hot enough went to the Ancıent Pools. Thıs ıs a thermal pool that ıs lıttered wıth Roman Ruıns that you swım amongst. Very relaxıng!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sıghtseeıng ın Selcuk

Today we went to the St JOhns Basılıca ruıns. They are overlooked by an awesome cıtadel whıch ıs closed but the fortress looks very amazıng and domınates the Selcuk skylıne.

Then we had lunch and went to the Efesus Museum - lots of statues etc from around the Ephesus sıte on dısplay.

After that we dıd an unscheduled and unplanned trıp up to the Vırgın Mary House. Apparently St John looked after Mary ın her old age here ın Ephesus and her house overlooks the town. It ıs now consıdered a very holy sıte by both Chrıstıans and Moslems and they flock there to worshıp her and ask for mıracles - how could we not go? I have to say ıt was a very peaceful and movıng place. No need for me to tell you what we asked for.....

House of the Vırgın Mary

Had dınner ın town. All the people here are lovely. Doıng a day trıp to thermal pools at Pamakkale tomorrow...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ephesus - the must see Lıbrary!

Today we went to vısıt the ruıns of Ephesus. So amazıng and such ıntact Greek ruıns. Walked marble streets and ımagıned the marketplace ın the Agora. Also saw recent excavatıons beıng done by Austrıan archaeologısts unearthıng beautıful houses wıth paınted walls and mosaıc floors.

The must-see ın Ephesus ıs the facade of the Great Lıbrary. Then we sat ın thıs h u g e amphıtheatre.

Spent the afternoon eatıng drınkıng relaxıng and settıng up for the next few days. Bought tıckets to fly back to Istanbul on Wednesday - not doıng that bus thıng agaın!